Friendship House

Welcome to the Friendship House in Morgantown!
Visit us at 231 Walnut Street   Monday – Saturday, 8am – 4pm
(We close at 3pm on Fridays.)
Phone: 304-413-0068


At the Friendship House, we believe in recovery. We gratefully share the message that recovery from mental health concerns and substance misuse is not only possible, but it is probable for many. We work from a person-centered, recovery-focused, peer support philosophy. 

By person-centered, we mean that we will not tell you what you should do to recover. Rather, we will try to help you increase the things you already do that work.

Recovery-focused means that we do not only focus on mental health or substance abuse concerns;  Recovery entails achieving your goals in all aspects of your life. We will encourage a holistic view of recovery. 

Lastly, peer support means that we work a little differently than typical mental health environments. We are people who identify as in recovery from mental health diagnoses and/or substance use disorders. 

We help based upon our lived experience as well as our training. Given that we are a peer support center, we will also expect that our participants will also be able to help each other.

What We Do

Common Ground and Recovery Library:

Health Right and the Friendship House were selected by the State of WV to participate in a pilot program to use a new software program called CommonGround. The program is designed to improve communication between people experiencing mental health concerns and medical providers. “CommonGround acts as assistive technology for people with psychiatric disabilities. It helps people organize what they want to say before the medication appointment. In this way, it facilitates communication for people who are anxious, disorganized or non-verbal.” This project will provide us with a computer kiosk in our clinic for clients to use prior to appointments and will provide medical staff and peer support specialists more than 20 hours of training in how to engage clients using the software and assist in person-centered decision-making techniques. The software also includes an extensive mental health and wellness resource library for clients and staff called Recovery Library. Any participant can access a public login for Recovery Library. Private login’s are available for anyone who would like one.


A number of fun and engaging groups and activities are offered every day at the Friendship House. Some examples include a Book Club, Recovery/Wellness Planning, Music Therapy, Painting, Gardening, and more. Make sure to check out a copy of the most recent calendar as groups and activities change each month. The participants of the Friendship House determine the groups and activities we offer.

Computer Lab:

We have 5 computers available with internet access for participants to use. Computers may be used for job searches, creating resumes, to connect with friends and family, or to learn about things that interest participants. Participants can also use the computer lab to access Recovery Library.

Volunteer to Peer Training:

The Friendship House is an approved provider for Peer Recovery training. This 46-hour training program covers the four domains of peer support: Recovery/Wellness, Ethical Responsibilities, Advocacy, and Mentoring and Education. Graduates of this program will have other requirements to complete before applying for certification.


The Friendship House began as a drop-in center for people with mental health diagnoses in 1964. It operated on High Street until 2016 under Mental Health America, and it was called the Friendship Room. As part of Mental Health America of Monongalia County, the Friendship Room offered a safe place for consumers of mental health services to receive support for more than 50 years. Due to financial challenges, the Friendship Room closed for a brief period, until Health Right reopened the Friendship House as one of it’s mental health services on June 1, 2016.

The Friendship House is now located in a 2-story building at 231 Walnut Street. Downstairs is a day center and upstairs is a Recovery Center. Come visit!

Friendship House